Toastmasters Club Contest & 2016 World Championship of Public Speaking

Toastmasters Speech Contest

Public Speaking Contests: From Your Club to the World Stage!

February kicks off contest season for Toastmasters and the beginning of the World’s Largest Public Speaking Contest. This includes more than 30,000 contestants in 135 countries! The opportunity exists for all members to start competing at the more intimate Club Contest. Winners of the Club Contest will move on to compete at each contest leading up to the World Championship of Public Speaking, as they win each contest respectively.

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Celebrating the End of 2015 & the Holiday Break

The 2015 portion of the 2015-16 Toastmasters season is coming to an end. Everyone can be proud of our accomplishments, and we have many things to be thankful for since the beginning of the season in September. New and existing members have all achieved some level of growth in communication and leadership. Even at the very least, signing up and making the commitment is a big first step!

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