Powerful Words: The 2015 World Champion of Public Speaking

2015 World Champion of Public Speaking

We are All Capable of Public Speaking at a High Level

All of us have the potential to become leaders and communicate at a very high level. A perfect example is the story of Mohammed Qahtani. It might be surprising, but it took time for Qahtani to build confidence and overcome his fear of public speaking. Just like the rest of us. What is even more impressive is that he faces the additional challenge of managing a speech impediment.

Qahtani credits Toastmasters for helping him flourish. Now he not only performs as a comedian, he is also the 2015 Toastmasters’ World Champion of Public Speaking. Qahtani’s winning speech, “The Power of Words,” is well written and his delivery is polished. I embedded the video of his speech in this blog post as an example. It should not only be watched as a source of inspiration, but as something that is attainable.

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Speech Content that Makes an Impact

"Made to Stick" a book that help to make your speech content memorable.

A Speech Content Checklist & Summary of “Made to Stick”

As Toastmasters we practice every week with the goal to become better public speakers. Typically, we focus on developing a smooth and charismatic delivery. While this is clearly important, the act of “speaking” is not the most important aspect of public speaking. The actual goal is to communicate a message that makes a lasting impact. As George Bernard Shaw stated “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” Then what exactly makes speech content impactful and memorable?

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I Caught You Looking!

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The New Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club has cheekily named this month’s tip I Caught You Looking! It caught your attention, didn’t it?

An effective and well thought out title is fuel for your speech. Properly crafted, it creates interest and excitement; it sets expectations for the audience and prepares them for what comes next.

A good title also acts as a guide for you. Typically related to the theme, it helps focus your time and energy during the speech development and keeps you on track. It influences your voice, tone, and emphasis.

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