New Year’s Resolution: Become a Better Speaker

 Public Speaking2

When a goal is written down and has milestones which are small and achievable, it is often possible to achieve the desired results. There is a 5 step process for successfully completing the goals set out in New Year’s Resolutions:

  • Write them down. Commit your resolutions to paper or an electronic document. You can sketch out the details of your goal and review them at a later date.
  • Break your goals into simple steps. For example, losing 30 lbs. by year end may be a difficult goal for someone who normally does not exercise. But losing 1 lb. every 2 weeks may be more achievable.
  • Schedule your goal on your calendar. Pick a date and keep it in front of you. Pace yourself and see how you do as you near the target date.
  • Share your goals with others. Encouragement from peers is an effective method for achieving your goals. Peer support and evaluation is a great way for people at Toastmasters to help other each become better speakers.
  • Be realistic and set your bar at a reasonable height. You want to make your goal something you can comfortably achieve in a year’s time. It is better if the goal is reachable so you will not give up in despair.

For 2013, you may want to make Public Speaking one of your priority goals. Let your fellow Toastmasters help you; many of them have already walked down the path you’re on now.


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