Toastmasters Club Contest & 2016 World Championship of Public Speaking

Public Speaking Contests: From Your Club to the World Stage!

February kicks off contest season for Toastmasters and the beginning of the World’s Largest Public Speaking Contest. This includes more than 30,000 contestants in 135 countries! The opportunity exists for all members to start competing at the more intimate Club Contest. Winners of the Club Contest will move on to compete at each contest leading up to the World Championship of Public Speaking, as they win each contest respectively.

The following chart represents each step of the process:

Toastmasters International Contest Process

Contest Participation

There are actually two different contests that you can compete in. You can compete as an orator delivering a speech and as a speech evaluator. This is something that all members of Toastmasters should participate in. It is a great opportunity for personal growth and to gain experience in public speaking and leadership. After all, we grow by stepping outside of our comfort zones!

Your speech can be on any topic and must be 5-7 minutes in length. Speeches are judged based on speech content, originality, organization, gestures, style and timing. Please note that for the International Speech Contest, contestants must have completed at least 6 speeches from the Competent Communication manual to qualify. All members can compete as evaluators.Toastmasters Speech Contest

The nice thing is that competitors get to start-out at the more intimate club level and work to refine their speeches as they move forward to larger audiences. The exciting part is that you get a shot to become the World Champion of Public Speaking. That might look good on your resume and in your personal memoires!

Of course, guests and club members who do not compete are encouraged to attend as spectators. Further, there is an additional opportunity to gain leadership experience through helping to organize and run competitions. Please reach out to your respective Contest Chair or Executive for more information.

New Entrepreneurs Toastmasters & Norwood Toastmasters Club Contest

Here in Edmonton, the New Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club and the Norwood Toastmasters Club are co-hosting a Club Level Contest for their members on March 3rd, 2016. This will take place at the Norwood Legion in Downtown Edmonton starting at 6:15pm. The venue has ample parking and a lounge for food and drinks!

Please contact the Contest Chair, Safari Bushayija, to participate in the New Entrepreneurs Toastmasters and Norwood Toastmasters Club Contest. You can contact him by email at

Club members are also highly encouraged to attend the District 42 Spring Convention, which will take place between April 29th and May 1st in Red Deer. This will also include the District Level Contest, where you can see the top district performers compete for the chance to participate in the World Cup of Public Speaking Semi-Finals.

Contest Schedule

Club Contest: March 3 at 6:15pm, Norwood Legion, 11150 82 St NW Edmonton

Area M2B Contest: Tuesday March 22, Epcor Tower 10423 101 St NW, Edmonton

Division M Contest: Saturday April 9, Chrysalis 13325 St Albert Trail, Edmonton

District 42 Contest: at the District 42 Spring Convention April 29-May , Sheraton Hotel, Red Deer 3310 50 Ave

2016 World Championship of Public Speaking Semi-Finals: at the Toastmasters International Convention August 17-20th, Marriott Marquis Washington D.C.

2016 World Championship of Public Speaking Finals: at the Toastmasters International Convention August 20th, at the Marriott Marquis Washington D.C.

Why Compete in Speech Contests?

  • Speak under pressure & challenge yourself to be better than you thought possible
  • Share a message you truly believe with an audience that needs to hear it
  • Meet other strong speakers, and learn from their styles
  • Refine a speech and make it better every time you deliver it
  • Become comfortable speaking in front of increasingly larger audiences
  • Handle defeat gracefully, unless of course you are the ultimate winner
  • Feel the rush and have a lot of fun doing it!

Please contact the Contest Chair, Safari Bushayija, to participate in the New Entrepreneurs Toastmasters and Norwood Toastmasters Club Contest. You can contact him by email at

Remember: Contest Officials and Audience Members are also needed!


More information and resources for Toastmasters contests is available on the Toastmasters International Website, including an FAQ. You can also check out this past blog post to watch and learn about last year’s World Champion.

Jason Feddema
VP Public Relations
New Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club
Edmonton, AB



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