Why the New Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club?

At the New Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club we take personal and professional development seriously. That doesn't mean that we don't have fun doing it!

What makes the New Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club unique?

  • We run a continually distinguished club, with members helping and mentoring each other along the way
  • We share an interest in entrepreneurship and innovation
  • We are a creative and fun loving bunch!  We’re not uptight about every detail, and we enjoy ourselves
  • We have members at every level of development. This includes new and intermediate members, we also tend to have multiple Distinguished Toastmasters (DTMs). DTM is the highest level achievable within Toastmasters
  • We’re centrally located right in Downtown Edmonton, at the first floor of the Business Link

In short, we will help you learn how to keep your audience engaged, without having to ask them “Now, if you’ll bear with me for a moment…”

Toastmasters helps people improve public speaking skills. This way you can engage the audience with your presentation rather than desperately asking "bear with me for a moment."

You can gain further insight into our culture by checking out our blog or you can find out more membership details in our FAQ section. Do drop by one of these days, because you’ll enjoy it! Please just give us a heads up in case there’s a special meeting outside of the Business Link.

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