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Who Are the New Entrepreneurs Toastmasters?

The New Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club members range from newbies to professional speakers and Toastmasters with 15+ years of experience. Many of our members have obtained Toastmasters certifications in communication and leadership. This includes Distinguished Toastmasters (DTM), the highest level of achievement in Toastmasters. Our experienced members are a resource to support new members and become strong leaders in the process.

We are a Diverse and Open Group

We are from all walks of life. Professionally, this includes entrepreneurs, corporate employees, government employees, consultants and academics. This makeup of our club allows our members to get relevant advice from a variety of perspectives. As the name New Entrepreneurs Toastmasters indicates, many of us have experience as entrepreneurs or have been researching to run our own successful businesses.

Culturally, we are just as diverse. We enjoy presentations and stories based on global experiences! We have members with English as a first language and members working to be more confident presenting with English as a second language. The whole club benefits from gaining experience in intercultural communication.

Our requirements for members are based on respect and support of other members, a commitment to personal and professional development, and a positive attitude.

Our Meetings

[Currently Meetings are held on-line via ZOOM]

When we meet at Business Link in Downtown Edmonton, we have a blast!  Our goal is to empower members to become more effective communicators and leaders. We learn by doing, and this includes helping each other ace our pitches and speeches. The best part is that we do this in a casual-professional setting where laughter is encouraged.

Do you want to improve your communication and leadership skills? Do you want to speak with confidence in any situation? Would you like to have fun while accomplishing your goals? Drop by one of our meetings to experience how Toastmasters works. Guests are always welcome to visit and get a feel for our club!

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