I Caught You Looking!

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The New Entrepreneurs Toastmasters Club has cheekily named this month’s tip I Caught You Looking! It caught your attention, didn’t it?

An effective and well thought out title is fuel for your speech. Properly crafted, it creates interest and excitement; it sets expectations for the audience and prepares them for what comes next.

A good title also acts as a guide for you. Typically related to the theme, it helps focus your time and energy during the speech development and keeps you on track. It influences your voice, tone, and emphasis.

When deciding on the name, consider:

  • Dramatizing: Catching someone’s attention by being funny, colourful, or unexpected. A title such as At My House or Christmas is PINK! screams for attention and promises to be memorable and hilarious as does a title like The Joy of NOT Working, that is sure to pique one’s interest.
  • Informing: Making the topic relevant to the listener makes them say, “I need to hear that!” An example might be Why You Should Work at Walmart When You Can(‘t) Afford to Retire as it promises to get the attention of every 50-something – and all English majors – because of its strange punctuation.
  • Taking a position: Sometimes, you just need to make your opinion sound like the most important thing in the world. Should We Raise Taxes to Fund Health Care?, will evoke a different a different response than Let’s Tax the Rich to Fund Universal Health Care.

With a good title, people will listen more intently. The next time you are writing a speech, make sure you take the time in naming your masterpiece.


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