Matching your Pitch to your Customer’s Motivation

Toastmaster Picture_JulyRegardless as to who enters the store, sales agents all too often use the same canned, rehearsed pitch. The same message is relayed to sell the coffee maker or the sofa; after all customers have to have all the facts! But after listening to your customers, are you communicating what’s important and relevant to them?

Last month’s Toastmaster post was about how effective listening can help businesses make that sale. This month, we’d like to take that one step further and illustrate effective ways to help entrepreneurs craft their pitch to match the customer’s motivation.

Regardless as to who enters the store, sales agents all too often use the same canned, rehearsed message. As an effective communicator, parse all the information and present only those features and benefits that are relevant or related to customer needs. Read these examples:

  • Customer Motivation: Saving Time
    • This customer wants a coffee maker that brews a cup in record time! Focus on speed and programmable brewing options.
  • Customer Motivation: Saving Money
    • This person is on a budget; bells and whistles and Cadillac models will not be of interest. However, the customer may opt for a more expensive toaster if you can illustrate how a certain model will last longer and save them money in the long run.
  • Customer Motivation: Being Comfortable
    • This customer may be buying a new comfy couch to replace their old ragged one. They are much more likely to care about how soft and cushiony it is rather than how popular it is or how many stylish new colours it comes in.
  • Customer Motivation: Receiving Recognition
    • This person wants a status symbol. They’re interested in the sleekest, hottest, most technically advanced car on the market. They’re less likely to be concerned that it holds the entire family. Focus on how they can picture themselves behind the wheel.

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