Effective Listening can get You that Sale!

Effective ListeningSome people seem to have a real knack for selling; they sometimes keep talking until the customer gives in with sheer exasperation!

While this strategy might work initially, the probability of the order being cancelled will be high and the likelihood of the customer returning will be low. A more effective way to start the sales process is to listen before you speak!

A key aspect of effective selling is determining your prospect’s needs and motivations to determine why they are buying the product. For instance, is the buyer interested in status, looking for a gift or saving time or money?

Take this prime example: A prospective customer is looking to buy a gift. The buyer struggles to understand the latest technology and the gift is for their beloved “geek”.

Clearly, the buyer is not the end user. If you inundate the buyer with mounds of technical data, industry jargon and geek-speak, you may end up doubling the time it takes to make the sale. The more information you give the buyer the more confused they may become and the more explaining will be required. Also, you might not even make the sale and they might just walk away.

Instead, consider probing the buyer gently, asking a few questions about what they hope to purchase and why. Then step back and listen attentively. Suggest no more than two or three appropriate items. Show the customer how the item fits their needs or assure them the product is the right choice for their loved one. Not only will you have made a sale, your customer will walk away feeling good about their purchase. And like Arnold Schwarzenegger, they’ll be back.


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